Thursday, 24 September 2020

Home Learning with Ben

Ben has been very busy with his fabulous home learning!


He has created lots of interesting zentangle patterns and has made some delicious cupcakes. I hope you have saved one for me!


Ben has been learning about extreme weathers such as tornados and hurricanes.


He has been practising the days of the week, keeping active with his hurdles and learning about 'Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful'.

Well done, Ben!

Marvellous Me

I have been so impressed with some of the children in Harrier Class who have shared their home learning with me.
Marvellous Me's are on their way to you!

If you haven't already please send me updates of your home learning and tell me about what you have been up to by emailing me at:

You can be marvellous too!

Home Learning with Stanley

 Stanley has been busy with his creative home learning!

He has been shooting his sounds in the garden and creating words by pressing letters into his playdough.

Stanley has been learning about 'Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful' and completed some activities in Numberblocks book.

Fantastic work, Stanley! 

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Home Learning with Harry

 Harry has been busy with some lovely home learning.

He has worked really hard on his maths and phonics.

Harry even created some beautiful zentangle patterns with his brothers!

Well done, Harry!

Keep me updated!

Please keep me updated by emailing me at:

Picture News

Here is this week's picture news to discuss...

Should people in care homes be allowed to have visitors?

Picture news virtual assembly 

Monday, 21 September 2020

Tapestry pdf to download

Hi Harrier Class

Mrs Smith here 😊 Please could all parents who activated and used their child’s Tapestry account last year, log in and look at the right hand side to find a download tab.

I have downloaded your Learning Journey and it’s stored as a PDF in downloads for you to keep at home. I would really appreciate it if you could download this as soon as possible so that I can de-activate each account to make space for the new intake.

I hope you enjoy looking back through your learning last year as much as I have.

Thank you

Mrs Smith


Sunday, 20 September 2020

Home Learning with Thomas

Thomas has been very busy with some fantastic home learning!

He created a Numberblocks matching game to help his little brother with his counting, made some money and practised giving Alex the correct change when playing shops.


Thomas has been practising his phonics and spellings and was the winner of the word score game that he played with his mum. He also drew lots of weather symbols on his own map and did a weather forecast. What is the weather like today, Thomas?

Here you can see a lovely story that Thomas has written about an adventure that he had with his dad and Alex. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Amazing work, Thomas!

Home Learning - w/c 21st September

Hello Harrier Class,

Here are the home learning tasks for the whole of this week. 
Please keep me updated with your home learning by emailing me at:

Home Learning Tasks

Continue last week's English booklet - 
'Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful'

Learn the days of the week... remember your capital letters!

In this booklet you will find the Set 1 sounds that we have been recapping in class. Don't forget to practice some Speedy Green Words too!

Lesson 1 - One to one correspondence
- Teaching Video
- Worksheet
- Answers

Lesson 2 - Compare up to 10 objects
- Teaching Video
- Worksheet
- Answers

Lesson 3 - Introduce <, > and = for numbers within 10
- Teaching Video
- Worksheet
- Answers

Lesson 4 - Compare numbers within 10
- Teaching Video
- Worksheet
- Answers

Counting activity
Comparing activity

Wider Curriculum

Geography -  Weather Dangers
Weather around the world changes every day, and as we know it affects the things we do. For example, sometimes rain can be a slight drizzle, quick shower or a heavy downpour which stops you playing outside. These are 'normal' changes but sometimes weather can become dangerous, causing damage. Can you think of any extreme types of weather?

Flooding - Drought/ sandstorms - Heatwaves - Blizzards

How can we look after ourselves in 'dangerous' weather?

For example, in very hot weather... Put on sun cream; cover up by wearing clothes; wear a hat; wear sunglasses and stay in the shade.

Computing - Watch this episode of Jesse and friends. Discuss how we can stay safe when online or using technology.

PE - Continue with PE to do at home.

Art - Create your own picture using Zentangle patterns. You can copy some of these patterns or create your own! 


Stay safe, keep smiling and I will see you soon.

Miss Jackson x

Home Learning with Isabella


Look at Isabella's wonderful home learning!
She has been doing some beautiful writing, reading stories and practised her 2x table.


 Isabella has even been learning numbers up to 20 in Spanish and has made some delicious pancakes... so tasty that poor mummy was forgotten about!

Keep up the great work, Isabella!

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Week beginning 14th September

Hello Harrier Class,

Home Learning Tasks

English booklet (to be completed over 2 weeks, please take your time).

'Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful'

Recap Set 1 sounds and work on our Speedy green words. 

Please use the Oxford Owl website and follow the links to Read, Write, Inc home learning. 

Lesson 1 - Count forwards to 10
- Teaching Video
- Worksheet
- Answers

Lesson 2 - Count backwards from 10
- Teaching Video
- Worksheet
- Answers

Lesson 3 - Count one more for numbers within 10
- Teaching Video
- Worksheet
- Answers

Lesson 4 - Count one less for numbers within 10
- Teaching Video
- Worksheet
- Answers

Wider Curriculum

Geography - Forecasting the weather. How do I find out what our weather will be like tomorrow? Watch a BBC Weather Forecast of the UK. What symbols are used? Can you present your own weather forecast for the UK? 

Computing - Can you spot all of the technology in your home? Create a poster to remind others on how to keep safe when using technology.

PEPE to do at home

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Home learning - Autumn week 1

Hi Everyone

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. I have added some work for the rest of this week.

This is a two week unit for English. Please use this link to access the booklet.

For maths please could you practise counting forwards and backwards to 10, looking carefully at what is one more or one less than any numbers to ten. This needs to be done quickly.

This website has some really nice maths games you could use to help with this.

In phonics we have been re-capping our Set one sounds.

Our assessments last week showed that although we know our sounds really well, we need to work on our
Speedy green words. Please use the Oxford Owl website we used previously and follow the links to Read, write inc home learning. The link will be on a previous post used during lockdown.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Holiday ideas to keep your brain ticking over.

Want to keep the children's brains ticking over in the Summer Holidays?

Here are our suggestions:

Mental Maths

Hit the button (number bonds to 10 or 20, adding within 10 and twenty)


Reading for pleasure - Oxford Owl free eBooks

Summer Reading Challenge - follow this link to take part in this Summer’s reading challenge.

Phonics - please keep working on your Read, write inc sounds and speedy green words on Oxford Owl.

Writing - over the Summer please continue to work on your pencil grip, name writing and letter formation.  Why not buy a nice journal and pencil where you can practise your writing over the Summer. You could keep a diary of your adventures as we move out of lock down.

The most important thing it to have lots of fun with your family so you are 
full of energy and ready to learn when we come back in September.

Have a lovely Summer 😊

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Learn about the Harrier with Thomas

Here’s what Thomas has learnt about the Harrier.