Saturday, 6 June 2020

Home learning with Rosalee

As well as creating a wonderful Very Hungry Caterpillar snack Rosalee has been very busy with her home learning.

Rosalee has been working on her Talk4Writing booklet this week. She planned her story first on a separate piece of paper and then wrote this wonderful piece of independent writing about a dog called Fluffy. I love how Rosalee is now using capital letters and full stops in her writing. I can really see her phonics embedded into her writing, as well as lots of common exception words. What a fabulous piece of work.

Rosalee has really enjoyed her map work this weeks. As well as drawing a map of Carlton she has looked at different maps on her tablet.  She followed the river all the way to Hull so that she could find places she used to visit when she lived there. She found The Deep, Queens gardens and the shopping centres she used to visit.  She also followed the roads to her Grandma and Grandads.

After harvesting her radishes last week, this week she picked her peas. She loves to eat them raw and thinks that are much better than radishes!  
She is very excited that her strawberries are almost ripe.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Rosalee

Rosalee really loved designing and making her Hungry Caterpillar snack. Here’s what she did. First she looked in the kitchen to see which foods they had that were green. Then she began to draw her plan.

Next she carefully prepared her food.

Next she followed her plan and began to make her caterpillar.

She kept checking her plan to make sure she followed it carefully.

Look how carefully her plan matched her snack.

Once Rosalee had finished making her snack she talked to her Dad about what went well and what was tricky. Rosalee said “it was yummy but it was very tricky to cut the sweets small to fit because they were hard”

Looking at Rosalee’s big smile it certainly was yummy!

Friday, 5 June 2020

Happy Birthday Sienna

A big happy birthday to Sienna who turned 5 over half term.
She had a lovely day with her family in the sunshine.

What a fantastic birthday cake.
One very happy Snow White.
Sienna enjoying the sunshine.
Sienna is working hard on her letter formation.
Working hard on her phonics.

What does Black Lives Matter mean?

Your child may have seen news clips about Blackout Tuesday on the news or social media and be curious. Here is are some links to help explain a little more.

Newsround - Blackout Tuesday - what is it and how are people taking part?

Newsround - George Floyd and the protests.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Home learning with Thomas

This week Thomas has been looking at our Geography topic.  He has looked at his favourite landmark in Carlton and made a great start to his map work. He has produced some fantastic work once again.

Thomas loves to walk around Drax Power Station to see the big vehicles
loading the coal. He took this photograph on his bike ride with his Dad.
Thomas found out all these interesting facts
about Drax Power Station.
Here’s his writing and amazing  picture.
First of all Thomas drew a map of the area he lives and labelled it.

Then he looked at a view of the United
Kingdom from the Space Station.
Next he looked at the journey from his
house to his Grandparents.
Then he looked at the journey he would
have taken to Spain on his holiday.
Thomas used his globe to find different countries.
He has lots of pirate ships on his globe and
enjoyed  spotting them.
Thomas began his science topic about changing
materials by going on his Scavenger hunt.
I wonder if Thomas’ snake and flowers tasted as
delicious as they look?
I love Thomas story mountain plan from his Talk4Writing
booklet. It’s about a dog called Cutie who met a monster.

Half term fun with Thomas

Thomas had a very exciting half term holiday after working so hard on his home learning during Lockdown. Have a look at his adventures.

Thomas and his family had a lovely time at the beach.
Thomas has an exciting visit from the ice cream man.
Thomas has a pizza party in his garden.

Watch this video of Thomas riding his very big bike. 
He looks so confident and safe.

Carlton Towers study by Rosalee

Rosalee was very excited to see that her new ongoing learning was to find out about a special place in the village you live.  In Aire class we know how knowledgable Rosalee is about Carlton Towers and how special it is for her because her Mummy and  Daddy were married there. Rosalee used to tell us about how she could see the tower from her bedroom window.

Following a delivery in a big box, Rosalee decided to make her own Carlton Towers. She looked at a photograph and then carefully measured, drew and cut to create this wonderful model. I am sure you agree with me in that it is outstanding. Rosalee should be very proud of herself.

Planning, measuring and adding ground windows.
It was tricky to cut but Rosalee persevered.

The front steps including the dog
Statues at the bottom.
Looking carefully at photographs
to add extra details to the building.

Hmmm, I wonder what Rosalee is planning?
Rosalee decided that she wanted to be the
clock. She carefully measured her height and
worked out where she would need a circle.
Here’s the finished item.
I think it’s wonderful 💜

Home learning with Ben

Ben has been very busy. Here are some of the activities he has been doing at home.

Ben enjoyed this Superworm activity.
Ben has grown his own new potatoes and harvested
them. They were delicious.
Ben was so lucky to have a Sparrow Hawk in his garden.
He then learnt about different birds of prey.
I love this 2 times table game.
Ben has been learning about time with this lovely calendar.
Ben and his sister have been learning how to make
an emergency call on their Mum’s phone. They then
practised on these paper plates.
What a super idea!

Ben has continued his learning about Spiders this week. He used this lovely book set in New Zealand called The Kuia and the Spider. He then did some weaving like the lady in the story.

Some super Talk4Writing Spider writing from Ben.

Home learning with Louis

Louis has had a very exciting week. He has learnt so many new skills

Louis has learnt to use a knife and fork.
Fun on the trampoline
Fun with the water sprinkler.
Making footprints 

Louis is becoming quite a Lego expert. He can follow the instructions himself to build models.

Louis has learnt how to write o’clock times.
Louis can read and order the days of the week.
This is Louis’ dog Douglas.
Louis taught him how to do Yoga.

Holiday fun with Rosalee

Rosalee has had a lovely half term holiday. Here’s some pictures of the fun she has seen having.

Enjoying walks in the countryside with her family.
Enjoying a run in the Countryside with her family.

Building a Playmobile vets centre to take care
of her animals.

Auntie Kay heard Rosalee was learning about time
and sent her this lovely watch.

Rosalee has made some models using her air drying
clay. She is waiting for them to dry so she can paint them.

Rosalee was very brave to sit up in this tree.
She was higher than her Dad.

These birds visit Rosalee’s bird table.
Rosalee wanted to draw them.
I think they are wonderful.

Rosalee enjoys spending time with her Dad on his
Nintendo switch. They like to play Mario cart.